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We have two different lengths of PAWNS, you can place an item in pawn for Two Weeks or 30 days. Most of all new clients will first be given two week pawns. Two week pawns are a lower interest if the short term pawn is all you need. Also, if you need to extend a pawn when the due date comes up simply come in and pay the interest and you can extend your pawn for the same duration as the original pawn, again.

If you are going to be late by a day or two don't forget to contact us to let us know, so we can make note of this or it is assumed you intentionally defaulted on the pawn and do not want the item back. 

FYI about Pawns:

(Note to Oklahoma residents: If you have pawned in Oklahoma, be aware that Arkansas Law does NOT provide for an automatic 30 day grace period.) In Arkansas, when a pawn is past due, your item is subject to immediate resale, unless you contact us and make arrangements. A simple visit or a phone call, to assure us you have not abandoned your pawn and to arrange for payment, and we will be happy to work with you. We understand that times are hard on all of us, and we do not want you to lose your belongings. But if not contacted, we must assume you have abandoned your obligation and merchandise.

Remember: PAWNS are Secured LOANS, and are a guarantee that you agreed you will come pay the money back. If you default on the pawn, we must sell the items pawned as security, to recover the money + interest and any penalties that you may owe.

Free Gun Bore Sighting

We have the equipment to do a quick sight in on your rifles to get you close enough to be able to finish fine tuning your sights to your eye and the way you shoot.

Ring Resizing and Minor Jewelry Repair

The Owner is capable of resizing most gold rings and some minor repair work on jewelery as well as cleaning and polishing. Also he replaces most watch batteries.


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